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Limited edition

Multilayer technology

“Duchessa 1935” is pleased to introduce a very innovative pen manufacturing “Multilayer Technology”.
The process consists in the deposition of the drawings at different levels in order to create a 3D effect in a very deep surface.

Each painting is realized in sublimation at different levels and then is applied a final external layer to protect the artwork.
Obviously if the pen gets scratched can be easily re polished with no problem for the painting.

The extremely detailed painting and the 3D effect makes this technique not only innovative and at the same time resistant to his daily life.

Behind the project and the realization

Fabio Moricci was born as a son of an art learned in his grandfather’s shop where he started repairing fountain pens of any brand an early age.
In 1996 he began his collaboration with Montblanc both as a service center and as a restoration of their pens.
After a life spent in contact with collectors, he buys and relaunches the “Duchessa 1935” brand to take advantage of the enormous experience he has accumulated both as a writing expert and as a “nib meister”.

M. Carla Benedetti trained as an architect and interior designer collaborating for over 10 years with the best florentine studios.
In 1994 she became responsible for the image and pen design of Visconti where she worked until 2018, designing the milestones of the company from the Taj Mahal to Salvador Dalì up to Casa Batllò receiving international awards.

The collection

The red dragon

Zhulong, also know as “the torch dragon” was a giant red solar dragon and God in chinese mitology. It supposedly it had the body of a snake with four toed clawed legs, with the head and mane of a crocodile and the horns of a deer, a gigantic mix of many species of animals. The movement of his eyelashes created day and night and the alternation of breath with seasonal winds.

The American Dream

The term has now entered in the our everyday language, but often its definition is more complex than one might think. The term”American dream” refers to the hope and the deep conviction that each man, whatever his origins, with hard work and determination, can be able to achieve economic well-being and a good social position. For the american people the persuit of happiness is considered one of the inalienable rights of men.

made in italy

From the idea, through the CAD design, the manufacturing with resins, the polishing, the assembly, the paper packaging, to the original accessories from the 1950s, the finished product is 100% made in Italy.


Each Duchessa 1935 product is crafted with maximum care and checked from its design through the shipping process.

The Duchessa 1935 warranty covers any material or manufacturing defects and provides for the free correction of identified defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase. After this period, Duchessa 1935 will execute any needed repairs for a fee. Defects and damage caused by negligence, improper use, normal wear, non-approved alterations, disassembly or repairs performed outside the official customer service are excluded from this warranty.