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ZHULONG The Red Dragon

Zhulong, also know as “the torch dragon” was a giant red solar dragon and God in chinese mitology. It supposedly it had the body of a snake with four toed clawed legs, with the head and mane of a crocodile and the horns of a deer, a gigantic mix of many species of animals. The movement of his eyelashes created day and night and the alternation of breath with seasonal winds.
We have redesigned and stylized it together with chinese lucky symbols and colors suitable for the realization of designs on different levels. The overlapping of colors on transparent bases creates a 3D effects in the development of the diameter.

The dragon wraps itself on the barrel of the pen and on part of its cap and is proposed in another guise and shape on the fountain pen nib and wrapped on the clip structure. The 14 kt. gold nib finely engraved with the dragon and the “Duchessa 1935” logo is completely made in Italy. The 14 kt. gold plated clip is a refined cylindrical structure with lateral arms that activate the spring mechanism and on which the dragon with the red ruby eye wraps, following its shape. Another red ruby is set in the rounded end of the clip. 14 kt. gold plated finishes because gold in China is traditionally the color of prosperity and luck.
Piston filling system for the ink.
The Zhulong fountain pen is a limited edition to 88 pieces.

The red color symbolizing luck and joy, infact red is everywhere during the chinese new year. 

Green indicating something clean and free of contamination, meanings linked to the concepts of good taste and purity.

Yellow, with all its shades of striped backgrounds, whose meanings are linked to the concepts of good taste, purity, wealth and authority. Infact yellow together with gold was the color of the Emperor in Imperial China.

Packaging box with stylised pagoda made of finelly worked resin, sandblasted and painted in red colour.

Descriptive and warranty booklet housed in the compartment below the pen support surface.